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About Us

If you're planning on working from home or have already started to do so, the first thing you need to do is set up your home office otherwise, your life could turn into chaos and we're not joking. Juggling between your domestic responsibilities and your job including the one you're doing from home can be quite challenging. Reserving a separate room or a portion of your home for your remote work could do wonders for your productivity and time management.

Here's a list of the most basic home-office furniture you will need to create your personal working space.

Home Office Desk:

A home office desk is the most crucial piece of furniture you’d need for your working space. There are thousands of designs and sizes in the markets and you will have to pick the one that suits your needs. There are both wooden and metallic desks available. And there are desks with huge storage space as well as those with little to none. You might even find desks with adjustable height features. Choose the desk that meets your needs as well as your tastes but also keep the size and structure of your working space in mind when placing the order.


Home Office Chair:

This is probably the most critical and life-changing decision you are ever going to make in your remote working career and it will directly affect your health and success in your home business. That is because you will be spending hours in your chair working till your fingers start to hurt. And if you don't make a wise choice in choosing your office chair, you might end up making a long-term loss in terms of your health. There's a wide range of home office chairs for you to choose from.

From the materials used in their production to the various features, they offer, pick a chair that is not only comfortable to sit on but also provides you with a suitable degree of back and posture support and stability. A chair with an added function of height adjustability and armrests would be an excellent choice. Consider the size of your home office and your home office desk when choosing your home office chair.


Storage Units:

Every office needs a sufficient number of storage units and so does your home office. You can choose either to get an office desk with enough storage to meet your needs if you have a small working space or you could get a separate storage unit if your home office is not too small. Just like office desks and chairs, storage units also come in various shapes and designs and can be made of either metal or wood.

Some Furniture stores or brands even offer complete sets of home office furniture consisting of the same design and material. Common examples of storage units are filing cabinets, drawers, bookshelves, stationery cupboards and desks with built-in storage space, etc. 


Sofa Set/Chairs:

You must have some seating arrangements in place should your clients ever decide to visit your home office. You could either choose a sofa set, if your workspace allows, or you could get a few chairs and a small table for the waiting area. Even though they come in various materials, sofas or chairs made of leather should be your best choice as they not only create the right professional atmosphere but are also quite comfortable to sit in. Add a small center table to complete the look.


Proper Lighting:

Although it doesn't fall under the head of office furniture, sufficient lighting is akin to a breath of fresh air in a working space. You need it if you want to stay productive throughout the day. Poor lighting will damage your eyesight and make you irritable as well as unproductive.

A healthy, professional, and well-kept working space is the only way you can survive working from home. A home office will help you keep a balance between your domestic and official business. You need to set up a suitable working space before you start working from home. It will boost your productivity and improve your spirits to a great extent.